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CANTAR” is a Singing Project lead by a creative team in which a series of singing workshops culminates in two public performances. It aims to bring together singers of diverse backgrounds and nationalities to explore Brazilian music. By embracing a varied range of musical genres from classical, contemporary to regional and exploring historical relevance, it will provoke interest in Brazilian history and encourages participants to learn about a new culture.

The workshops will have a focus on accurate singing techniques and the exposition of autochthonous aspects. Cantar’s participants and audience will be presented with an original and diverse repertoire. Both performances will happen in central London along with various professional musicians.


Hazel Hazebrook

Really loved the improvisation today, a real ice breaker. A comprehensive homework meant the harmonies really came together well after only one week. There’s s good group of people and a really nice vibe. Such good value for money too.

I’ve been singing recreationally for a few years. Love the Latin groove and Brazilian beats . This sounds like s great challenge.

David Williamson: “Lovely afternoon with a nice bunch of warm and friendly people”.

Paula Goes: “Great afternoon, the fight balance between relaxed and challenging. I feel we are creating something very special together”.

Chantal Broad: “Very energetic and aimed at learning a variety of skills including physical ones. It helped me go into the challenges of coordination”

Anuska Jordan: “It brought fun and companionship into my life. Thank you for the experiences you gave me.”

“You don’t need to speak Portuguese, it is organic and nice when you sing!…” (Christine)

“It made my live much better, I had an uplifting day!” (Wayne)

Workshop subscriptions – we are not opened for workshops at the present moment.

Further details:  / 077 3793 8082

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